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Teen arrested in attempted house burglary

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson police precinct one officers are on a mission to reduce the number of house burglaries across south Jackson. Part of that mission includes picking up truant teens who are walking the street in the middle of the day.  Thursday, they did a little of both.

Just after 11 a.m., police say a truant teen picked the wrong house to try and break into. The home belonged to an officer on patrol in the area. His wife was inside at the time.

The officer received a call from his home, indicating two people were trying to get in. When officers arrived, two teens took off on foot.

The officers chased them several blocks, around Wingfield High School before catching this teenage girl. Police say she ran through Wingfield High, and was attempting to enter Wilkins Elementary when they caught up with her.

Officers say she knocked on the front door of the officer's home, claiming she was looking for a friend. At the same time, her accomplice went around back and was preparing to enter the home, when officers arrived. Her accomplice got away.

Officer Joseph Daughtry says, "On a regular basis were making an impact with the help of the citizens help of the community, like that with what happened today. This is the kind of stuff we need more community involvement. The more community involvement we get, the more it makes our job more easier."

As officers were sweeping the area, they arrested two juveniles who were seen walking the streets, but should have been in school.

Both were wearing clothing matching that of those wanted in the attempted house burglary, which is why they were stopped.

All will be charged with truancy. The female caught in the attempted house burglary will also be charged with trespassing.

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