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Geese get police escort down highway

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RICHLAND, MS (WLBT) It's a courtesy usually reserved for Presidents, first ladies and other dignitaries. This morning a family with webbed feet received the same special treatment, with a police escort down Highway 49.

Squires Huff who works at Empire Trucks in Richland was one of the first to see the spectacle.

"Looked up the road and saw the two adult geese and six little goslings coming down the highway coming down the hill," says Huff.

Huff pulled out his cell phone and began shooting video of the family of geese, weaving their way through rush hour traffic.

"They started getting nervous cause there were so many cars and a lady in the office called the Richland police, we didn't think they were gonna come but in five minutes they showed up," says Huff.

Richland police got behind the geese, and made sure motorists slowed down for the misplaced family of geese, who eventually made it to safety. 

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