Animal Control, resident search for dog with mouth taped shut - - Jackson, MS

Animal Control, resident search for dog with mouth taped shut

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Accusations of animal cruelty in the capital city.

A Jackson woman claimed a dog is being abused and allowed to roam the neighborhood.

Animal Control has joined her efforts to find the dog.

Sami Breckenridge searched the area around her Dixie Drive home for a dog she said has been abused.

She last saw the animal Sunday and she thought its bloody mouth was wired shut.

"One of the animal control people said he got close enough Friday that he could tell it was black electrical tape," said Breckenridge.

For the past several days, the Jackson resident has been canvassing the neighborhood for the dog that she said it is about two feet tall, a possible dalmatian-Labrador mix with short black hair.

"I guess somebody got aggravated because he was in their trash or maybe he was barking too much and wrapped electrical tape around him. He can't open his mouth to bark or get in trash so he can't eat and can't drink," said the animal lover.

Monday Jackson Animal Control officers continued scouring the surrounding streets hoping to catch the dog and remove whatever is on his mouth.

Breckenridge has repeatedly called the office for help, but the skiddish animal has not been caught.

"Animal Control went out last night on the call and could not capture the animal. We are now working on a plan using additional resources and manpower to try to capture the animal," said JPD Deputy Chief Gerald Jones.

"The doors are open. The garage is open. He could be in there, but I'm scared to go in there," said Breckenridge, while pointing to an abandoned house at the corner of Dixie Drive and Morson Road.

She fears the dog has gone into one of the several vacant houses and may have become weak from a lack of food.

"I just hate to see anybody do this. I don't know why they would do it. If they don't want him take him to a shelter," added Breckenridge, who owns five dogs of her own.

The west Jackson resident said she does not know who owns the animal but has seen him often on her street.

She has left water in her yard hoping the stray will return so she can rescue him.

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