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Apartment residents have alligator concerns

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FLOWOOD, MS (WLBT) - Nikki Malone a resident of Reflection Pointe Apartments had originally called Three On Your Side, worried that the alligators could harm people who frequent the area.

We discovered that the gators were on private property, not owned by the apartment complex. We were only able to get a picture of one gator, which was an estimated nine to ten feet long.

We called the Department Of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, which sent their alligator expert Ricky Flynt out to inspect the situation.

"Until that land owner wants something done about that alligator, the alligator will remain there. Ricky Flynt did a great job on it and we appreciate you guys bringing this to our attention," said Jim Walker, spokesman for the department.

The property is owned by Bruce Panchal of Jackson who we contacted. Another apartment resident, Bryan Miller is concerned, the no trespassing sign is not enough.

"Not to mention, the gator can't read that sign either, so if he is coming this way, and small children and pets are going out that way, those signs aren't really gonna fix the problem," Miller said.

Tim Broad Hurst of Flowood is also still worried somebody could get hurt by the alligators.

"I'm not personally happy about it, but I understand, the man needs to protect kids, and other people that might come fishing out here," Hurst added.

So if people will obey the no trespassing, private property sign, there is little danger they will be harmed by the alligators.

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