MS Tea Party holds Rally - - Jackson, MS

MS Tea Party holds Rally

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The message Saturday from the Mississippi Tea Party was "Yes we can!". Members of the conservative movement gathered at the fairgrounds to spread the word about what they believe in.

"We believe in a constitutionally limited government, we believe in free markets, and we believe in fiscal responsibility," said Tea Party President Roy Nicolson.

"I think taxes are way too high. They should be lower. Lower taxes and we should have smaller government," added Tea Party member, Peter Sittler.

Most members have strong words about the current administration.

"I would say we are thanking President Obama for waking people up to the socialist agenda of most people in D.C.," Nicholson added.

But they're careful not to align themselves too closely with any party.

"We're not Republican, we're not anti-democrat, we're simply concerned citizens holding our government accountable and to return back to those founding principals," Nicholson explained.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann was among a number of politicians slated to speak at the gathering.

"Everybody wants to kind of put this thing together as the "Tea Party" and then put some ball around it as to what that really means. I don't know that there is a strict definition of the tea party. There's not one to me," Hosemann added.

Ultimately, those involved say the most important part of the movement is that it encourages people to take part in the political process.

"It's healthy for the country. For a long time, I think we just assumed in our country that somebody else would run for office, somebody else would become involved in the political process. Really, that somebody is you," Hosemann said.

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