More arrests & a confession in Richard Barrett's murder - - Jackson, MS

More arrests & a confession in Richard Barrett's murder

R. Barrett R. Barrett

By Bert Case - bio | email

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Twenty-two year old Vincent McGee has confessed to the murder of white supremacist Richard Barrett.

It happened on Petros Road near Monterrey, in rural Rankin County, either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. There are also three new arrests in the case.

Alfred Lewis, the suspect's step father is charged with accessory after the fact of murder. Michael Dent who assisted the suspect and Vickie Dent who also assisted in getting gasoline to the house, are charged as accessories.

I asked Sheriff  Ronnie Pennington if he got a confession in the case and he replied, "Yes sir, we interviewed him and he told us basically what happened."

I ask if McGee told Pennington he did it. "He did." Sheriff Pennington replied.

Sheriff Pennington said a gas can without a top at Barrett's house and a gas can top in a house three houses up the street was instrumental in leading to the arrest of McGee. He was asked about a motive.

Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest told us about the accessory arrests.

"There were three individuals who assisted at some point after the murder, of Mr. Barrett and helping the defendant escape arrest by driving him away. One individual drove him away, from the scene, two other individuals returned him to the scene, so that he could set the residence on fire," Guest said.

The next step in this case is an initial appearance in court before Judge Kent McDaniel next Tuesday.

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