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Simpson County Sheriff's Department looking into apparent hate crime

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SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Apparent hate crimes forced an interracial family out of their Simpson County home.  No arrests have been made in connection to the threats.  The family called 3 On Your Side for help.

"I feel so violated.  I feel like nothing will ever be the same," said Mary Michael.

It is difficult to walk through the home she shares with her husband Christopher and three children because all their belongings have been tossed out, pushed over or broken on the floor.

Even more disturbing were the words and images inscribed on the walls, including KKK, racial slurs and frightening death threats.  "It is hard to feel hopeless and it's hard to understand that people could be like this in this day in age.  I just can't understand it," said Michael.

The threats began last week.  Michael said it started with a phone call, a note in the mail box and then a delivery on the front steps.

"There were two dead puppies with their heads cut off right at the foot of my stairs," said Michael.

The couple and their children have lived at this house for seven years and never had a problem.  Michael blamed the sudden threats on the research and interviews she is conducting for a book she plans to write.

"It was a true story about a lady who hung herself.  She was a white lady pregnant by a black man," said Michael.

The Simpson County Sheriff's Department has launched an investigation.  Michael also called federal investigators.  Meanwhile the Michael family is moving out and currently staying with relatives in Rankin County.

"I'm not running from my house.  I'm actually trying to look out for my family," said Christoper Michael.

If you would like to help the Michael family you can go to any Trustmark bank branch and donate to the Christopher Michael account.

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