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Arrow Meltdown announces winner

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

CLINTON, MS (WLBT) - Sixteen contestants spent about three months whittling their waistlines, and on Saturday they whittled down to one winner.  NBC's "Biggest Loser" first-runner-up Roger Shultz of Alabama had the honors of announcing Clinton's Arrow Meltdown champion: Angela Thompson!

It's a huge accomplishment for Thompson, a Clinton resident who lost about 55 pounds and 22 percent of her body weight. She's transformed her eating habits, and she's been working out at least every other day.

"The biggest change was exercise," Thompson says.  "Of course I did make changes to my diet. My whole family did. They've been so supportive of this change. I eat less red meat now, more white meat, lean meat. More vegetables, fruits, drink lots of water now."

Thompson says the group effort helped too. The contestants provided support for each other.

Shultz had similar support on The Biggest Loser, where he lost close to 200 pounds. Getting back to his old routine caused him to gain some weight back, but Shultz now knows how to regain his momentum.

"I moved, changed jobs, the real world things started to get me. I got overwhelmed by it. Stopped working out. I always try to eat right," Shultz says.  "I dial it back in, go right back to my food journal, I do the things I know will be successful."

Shultz works out every day for at least an hour and a half. "That might be walking around the block, playing with my kid, spin classes. I got an elliptical, at night I can jump on that, finish my workout if I have to," he says.

The Arrow Meltdown participants now have to face the real world too, equipped with the tools they've learned through their weight loss journey.

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