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Astros pitcher's mother survives tornado

By Walt Grayson - bio | email

Our first look at the damage in Choctaw County where MEMA is reporting that five people were killed. Two of the dead are children.

One area hit hard in Choctaw County lies between the towns of Weir and French Camp. Witnesses said about 1:30 Saturday afternoon the rain hit so hard you couldn't see anything.

Jean Oswalt, mother of Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt, said she grabbed her dog and took cover in a closet at the last second before the house collapsed around her. She escaped without a scratch. She considers it to be a miracle that she walked away from this kind of damage.

"And when I got up I looked over there next to me, and the Bible that was in the front room was laying next to me. And I knew right then that the good Lord had taken care of me," Oswalt said.

Not everyone in this little community outside of Weir was as fortunate. Two children were killed when the mobile home they were in was destroyed about a mile away from the Oswalt house. Most of the other homes in the community were a total loss. As night fell residents who could were already making repairs while others were sifting through debris trying to find anything they could salvage that survived the tornado.

Jean Oswalt's son, Roy has left the team and is returning to his home in Weir to check on his mother.

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