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Tornado leaves dozens homeless in Delta town

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EBENEZER, MS (WLBT) - The town of Ebenezer in Holmes County took a devastating blow from Saturday's tornado.

It is the site of the county's only fatality.

Residents were picking up the pieces Sunday after their lives were literally been turned upside down.

A lot of the damage in the Delta town of Ebenezer is along Ebenezer Road.

It is where residents said Rev. Leslie Brown was leaving to preach a funeral when the tornado struck.

His truck was tossed into a pasture across the road from his home.

He was killed, found near his badly damaged vehicle.

On this same road, two churches sustained major damage.

The roof of a white wood church collapsed onto pews and aluminum was among the debris in tree tops and scattered along the countryside.

There are also injuries among the ruins.

Gary Hoover of Birmingham said his mother Doris Hoover was trying to get to her brother's home next door but didn't make it.

"She has a broken collar bone that was protruding, several broken ribs. The house flips over on top of her and my uncle and cousin found her underneath with a washing machine on top of her. That's how she ended up getting the broken collar bone," said Gary Hoover.

She was scheduled to undergo surgery Sunday.

His uncle, 50 year old Leslie Hoover, crouched in a rear closet as the bricks of his home came tumbling down around him.

That wind and stuff was blowing, I got in the closet and the wind was pushing that door back. I was holding down, sitting on my clothes in the closet and the wind was pushing me back like that kinda pushing me back," said Leslie Hoover.

Just off Ebenezer road, residents living on Newport Road don't recognize their gutted out homes.

Angelica Waters was inside what was once their two story house when the twister arrived.

"I was in the living room and I heard the glass breaking so I went to get my baby out of the room, and the wind pushed us into the heater. So I crawled into the closet until it was over," said the 20 year old.

Her father was driving on I-55 on his way to a funeral and turned around when Angelica called for help.

McKinley Waters said he struggled against strong winds to keep his truck on the roadway.

"I just pulled up beside this 18 wheeler the back end of it and that's the only way that I found stability against this truck. and just so happened as I pulled up beside it two trees fell down on top of the 18 wheeler and didn't do nothing to my truck," said McKinley Waters.

Horses step over household belonging that clutter their fields.

Not many homes escaped damage as seen by elected officials touring the area.

"And the sad thing is it's about five to six square miles that it's just massive destruction. Every house is either completely destroyed or uninhabitable," said state Representative Bryant Clark, a lifelong resident of Ebenezer.

Clark represents Attala, Holmes and Yazoo Counties.

"Most of the houses are just gone. All property is gone. Right now I know it's between 35 and 50 houses that are gone," said state Senator Kenny Wayne Jones.

Jones represents Attala, Holmes, Madison and Yazoo Counties.

Officials commend the response of the state and emergency workers.

Power crews were also hard at work.

But local officials said sightseers are impeding progress.

"We're having trouble with emergency vehicles getting in and out, people coming to see. The traffic is just so heavy on the roads. We're asking please just give us a little time to get everything cleared up. Then there will be plenty of time to see the damage," said Holmes County Supervisor Larry Davis.

It is damage that will undoubtedly take some time to repair.

A shelter is now set up in Holmes county for residents affected by the tornado.

It is located at the National Guard Armory on Highway 12 in Lexington.

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