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Vicksburg band caught in tornado, captures frightening moments on cell phone

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 HOLMES COUNTY, MS (WLBT) -  The skies grew dark as Dustin Thomas and his Burning Windsor band members traveled north on Interstate 55 in east Holmes County. 

The band was trying to get to Memphis for a gig Saturday night. They never realized they were driving straight into the path of a tornado.

"All of a sudden out of no where, we couldn't see it coming.  It was just wind coming from our right side," said Thomas.

A cell phone camera records more than a minute of the raging winds. 

"We had debris from all the trees to our right hitting us and glass was starting to break and everything was complete chaos," said Thomas.

A tree fell on a trailer in front of their Jeep. They pulled along side it. 

"Their trailer is probably what saved our lives because it stopped most of that from hitting us directly. After that, all I can remember we flipped," reflected Thomas.

The tornado tossed their Jeep about 30 yards from where they had stopped.  Instruments and equipment were later found twisted in debris.  

"All our stuff was in cases and it just pulled them out of cases.  It was just crazy," said bass player Meredith Spencer.

Thomas had minor scrapes. Band members Nate Wright and Devon Cessina suffered deeper cuts, but they all survived a tornado.

"I'm just glad my friends are ok," said Thomas.

Burning Windsor did perform Saturday night at the New Daisy Theater in Memphis. Nearly all of their equipment and instruments were destroyed. Thanks to other bands who lent their equipment to Burning Windsor they were able to play. If you are interested in helping the band contact them at or

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