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Choctaw County sifts through the rubble

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By Ashley Conroy

WEIR, MS (WLBT) - In Choctaw County, clean up crews and volunteers continued on Monday to help as many people in area as possible.

Officials counted a total of five that were killed in the line of storms. Two young girls that lived on a gravel road in Weir lost their life where neighbor Ethel Rogers remembers them like they were family.

"They was like part of our family. Boys grew up with my boys. And a lot of them call me mom. It was just like one of mine."

Rogers considered herself fortunate as she was at work when the tornado struck her house of 29 years. Her initial reaction was shock when she first heard the news from her daughter.

"And she was like mama your house is gone. I said, what'd you say? She said, your house is gone mama. So when I got here it was like a horror movie."

Rogers has spent the last several days with family cleaning up and reflecting on everything that's happened.

This scene was all too familiar in the small town around 550 people, as many are left without homes and no where to stay.

The Mt. Moriah Baptist Church down the road from Rogers house was filled with volunteers preparing food for workers and the displaced.

"People are always hungry, workers are always hungry. So we want to help there," said volunteer and pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Neshoba County.

Volunteer Coordinator and Pastor of Mt. Moriah, Jim Garner says the church will continue to help those in need for as long anyone needs help.

"We had so many people that had so many needs, they lost everything. They can't cook they have no ways. So we have to supply them with nourishment so they can clean up their properties."

The destruction took only minutes to leave Weir battered and littered with debris.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lee James, who also lost his home in the storm, says it could take weeks before clean up is finished and people can start rebuilding.

"People are coming together and doing a lot of work, but there's still some areas that's probably going to be 6 to 8 weeks before they get it cleaned up and working again for having a place to live."

James also says the American Red Cross has been back and forth in the area to bring up supplies, food and drinks.

Their shelter is set up about 10 miles from Weir in Ackerman.

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