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Disaster relief efforts work all day in Jackson

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By Ashley Conroy

Jackson, MS -- The Hinds County Sheriff's Department is coordinating with the Mississippi State Fairgrounds to get as much disaster relief to the tornado victims as possible.

They parked an 18-wheeler truck in the middle of the grounds all day on Tuesday where at least four smaller truck loads took off to disaster areas dropping off piles of clothes, and cases of water.

"So we've been off loading this truck and literally taking supplies to be distributed daily almost every eight hours," said Deputy Chief Steve Pickett.

Disaster relief donor, Tracy Mulholland of Madison says after watching the devastation to the hard hit areas, she couldn't help but try to help out.

"It just looks devastating from everything we've seen on the television."

Another donor, Lee Camper of Jackson hopes to donate as much as he can.

"A lot of us at home have things, actually good things that we aren't really using, and they could be used."

One woman, Casey Whitfield-Humer and her husband have resources with Back Yard Burger and Applebee's where they are donating food vouchers to storm victims.

"They also have Yazoo relief on them, so if the amount is more than 25 dollars they can have an extra discount."

Meanwhile, the Kroger Delta Division decided to donate over 8 thousand gallons of water to the Mississippi Food Network.

"We're working Salvation Army and the American Red Cross they're both our member agencies. They will be taking up water and taking it to the much needed area," said Director of Development Marilyn Blackledge.

The Hinds County Sheriff's Department says they will set up everyday at the fairgrounds starting at 9AM until about 7PM at least until Friday.

The Salvation Army says people wanting to donate money can call 1(800) SAL-ARMY or go to their web site at www.salvationarmyusa.org 

Also, the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service has set up an initiative for those wanting to offer assistance: www.volunteermississippi.org or people can call 1(888)353-1793.

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