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Tornado victims aided by disaster relief organizations

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YAZOO CITY, MS (WLBT) - Residents are slowly recovering from Saturday's deadly twister with assistance of organizations from across the country.

One group from Danville Virginia arrived with food, supplies and heavy machinery.

God's Pit Crew rolled into Yazoo City with two 18 wheelers stocked with supplies and a crew of 15 ready to help tornado victims

Sixty year old Glen Odom picked up water and other needed items at the organizations distribution site on Highway 49 to take to his badly damaged Steed Lane home.

"Every time I look up somebody's there to help me and I never realized there were that many good people in the world," said Odom.

The faith based disaster response organization is distributing water, baby formula and toiletries free to disaster victims with identification.

"We bring water. We bring ice. We bring the cleaning necessary things they would need to clean their homes and get their life back on track," said Tracy Stone with God's Pit Crew.

"Seeing the people come in that are so appreciative of what little we're doing for them, it's a great gift for us, and we're here to do that for the people we love in Yazoo county," said Sally Pender one of the volunteers from Bank of Yazoo.

While one crew distributes supplies, another hits the road hauling heavy equipment to clear fallen trees and debris.

They tackled the home of an elderly couple on Old Benton Road.

James Hodge of Danville Virginia began cutting downed pine trees with a chainsaw.

He has been with the crew for seven years, traveling the country to help others since retiring.

 St. Marks United Methodist Church's disaster response team from Murfreesboro Tennessee was also clearing debris.

They were on Odom's street.

"Some people came out yesterday and cut the trees off the house. Today they were out there putting tarp on," added Odom.

Six more members of God's Pit Crew arrive Thursday.

The disaster relief organization will be in Yazoo City through the end of the week.

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