Tornado victims work fast to clean up before another storm hits - - Jackson, MS

Tornado victims work fast to clean up before another storm hits

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 YAZOO CITY, MS (WLBT) - The clean up efforts continued in Yazoo City five days after the storm. With heavy rains and the slight risk of severe weather fast approaching workers made every minute count.  All along Old Benton Road the sounds of nail guns and power saws could be heard.

Construction crews were taking advantage of what will be the last clear day before a stormy weekend.  "We are trying to put a roof on and we are trying to beat the rain.  Hopefully we'll beat the rain.  I have relatives here and friends up here so we got to get it done," said David Smith, manager for Quality Construction.

At Tracy King's home, a half dozen friends and family helped pack up valuables and clean out what is left of her home.   "We are just trying to get it out before it rains because this stuff is just about gone, but we about got it," said King.

In her yard men are clearing away limbs and debris at no charge.

"Soon as we heard about this we knew we had to be here.  It's part of our work," said Donalee Ford with Bread of Life Humanitarian Relief.

The group is from Kentucky and this is their ministry.  "We may not be preachers, but we can help people so that's the way we look at it. We are doing something good anyhow," said Ford.

"I say Lord, how am I going to handle this today?  I don't even have to say more than that and here it comes," said King.


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