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Oil leak continues to spread and reaches land in LA

By Jay Gray, NBC News

VENICE, LA- The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico has reached landfall in Louisiana and continues to spread. An all out effort has been launched to try to contain it and protect the Gulf Coast from damage. In the meantime the effort to cap the well where the oil is leaking continues to be a priority.

As the sun fades along the southern edge of Louisiana, oil continues to pour from the collapsed deepwater horizon rig and seep into the fragile wetlands. There is already evidence of wildlife caught up in the muck.

"Birds are particularly susceptible to oil because even if they get a little bit of oil on their feathers, they ingest the oil while doing the preening," said Kerry St. Pe, with the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program. 

Another concern along the coast is the seafood industry. So many here make their living from these waters.

"We've come through Sept 11, Gustav, Katrina, I just got a feeling this is gonna be the worst of them," said Robert Walker with LA Seafood Exchange.

The state has closed oyster beds in the region and shrimpers and fishermen understand. A season just getting underway is about to come to an abrupt end.

"It goes without words, it's like a nightmare," explained Gulf fisherman Judy Lesso.

More of a bad dream for consumers who will see prices go up and eventually the seafood supply go away.

"The seafood we get doesn't just stay here the rest of the country is watching TV too," Walker added.

What they are seeing right now is a dire situation from the well to the wetlands. A winding toxic trail that could end up as one of the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history.


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