Birds lovers get a peek inside a bird's world - - Jackson, MS

Birds lovers get a peek inside a bird's world

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Saturday was International Migratory Bird Day, a time for many to watch for different species of birds moving to different climates.

At the Museum of Natural Science in Jackson it's become a day to learn all about birds. Young people explained owl pellets. Owls regurgitate things they can't digest. Inside the pellets visitors are finding bones, fur, even the skull of a small animal. There were plenty of opportunities for learning and fun and as the weather permitted, visitors went out side guided walks to try to spot different birds.

"Most of the birds that have migrated in to nest here are here now, but some of the transitory birds, those that are heading for Canada, are still on their way. We had a Tennessee Warbler on the trail, that does not nest in Mississippi," said Joe McGee conservation biologist.

Migratory Bird Day also included an up-close look at some large birds like hawks and falcons.

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