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Former charity employee in court on embezzlement charges

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - The woman who blew the whistle on a Ridgeland charity was in Madison County Court Monday on embezzlement charges.

According to Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest, Silbrina Wright filed an application Monday for one year supervised probation through a pre-trial diversion program. If she successfully completes the program, her charges will be dismissed. If the program is not successfully completed, Wright's case will once again be scheduled for trial.

Wright is the former employee who blew the whistle on the Fine Arts Institute of Mississippi, or FAIM, and the bingo hall connected to it, Boxcar Bingo, based in Olive Branch.

Officials shut down both the bingo hall and the charity last month for violating charitable gaming rules.

Guest said the details of Wright's pre-trial agreement are still being worked out, and couldn't say whether the agreement will include an admission of guilt.

"It is really designed for non-violent, first time offenders. People involved in non-violent, minor theft crimes," said Guest.

Wright's attorney told WLBT the agreement will not include an admission of guilt. Wright declined to comment.

The man who headed FAIM and Boxcar Bingo, Bill Murphy, said Wright didn't go to authorities until after he filed charges against her for allegedly embezzling over $900.

"Silbrina Wright is the one who went and reported, said she was a whistle blower, which, she's not a whistle blower. She's a disgruntled thief," said Murphy. 

Guest said Wright's application for a pre-trial agreement must be processed by the Mississippi Justice Information Center, which will likely take about two weeks.

Wright's trial was scheduled to begin next week.

Meanwhile, Murphy told WLBT he is no longer appealing officials' decision to revoke the licenses of FAIM or Boxcar Bingo.

Instead, he plans to move to West Virginia and work on a pig farm.

"I'm looking forward to seeing those pigs," said Murphy.

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