No oil contamination evidence found in 5 turtles - - Jackson, MS

No oil contamination evidence found in 5 turtles

GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) - Necropsies completed on 5 of the 25 dead sea turtles found along Mississippi beaches in the past few days show no evidence of oil killing the reptiles.

Brian Gorman of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Gulfport, Miss., said Monday that no evidence of oil or contamination has been found. But he says that doesn't mean further analysis won't reveal something.

The carcasses are badly decomposed. Gorman says necropsies on the remaining turtles will be performed later.

At least 6 of the 25 turtles are the endangered Kemp's ridley, which breed nowhere else in the world but on beaches in Mexico and southern Texas. They're considered among the most imperiled turtle species.

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