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FEMA center opens in Holmes County

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HOLMES COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Holmes County now has a FEMA disaster relief center set up. It serves victims of the April 24th tornado that ripped through the county, killing one man.

The center is located outside the Ebenezer volunteer fire station on Highway 14.

There has been a big increase in the number of people helping tornado victims in Holmes County. Volunteers from all over the county are very visible in the hardest hit area.

Some volunteers are from Monterrey, Tennessee, a group of about 60 according to Jack Haley, who is in charge of the group. They are working where the Rev. Esley brown was killed when his double wide house trailer was sprayed for a hundred yards across a field April 24th as he prepared to go preach at a funeral.

There was a steady stream of people coming to downtown Ebenezer to get supplies. The supervisor for this district, Larry Dennis, was pleased with the effort.

"Right now it's looking good and we are thankful that all this community came together, to help in this time of need" said Dennis. "So I am pretty well pleased with what's going on here."

Not everyone is pleased with what is going on in Holmes County. A farmer, Nolan O'Reilly of Ebenezer, has been watching the relief operation and is most disgruntled about it.

"There is no accountability of the volunteer, no ones in charge" said O'Reilly. "They have nobody that's willing to take a name and tell who they are getting for, so we are having our stuff going out of the district, not even anywhere close to here. Because people are walking away with food items that could be used by those that really need it."

People like 33 year old Juanita Barnes are working to gather anything they can from this trailer in which five people survived. But there is a long road back.

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