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Long Beach harbor is back in business

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - After being closed for two days the harbor in Long Beach has        re-opened Wednesday.

Harbor Master Michael White said he did so because of the questions surrounding when the oil spill will reach the coast.

Containment booms are ready to deploy if the wharf has to be shut down.

White said they can have them back in place in thirty minutes.

Boat owners who moved their boats inland are also being contacted to let them know the harbor is back in business.

"Right now we're up and running.  We're doing business as usual, but we're in a               hurry-up-and-wait, standby mode, and I imagine we will have 72 hours advance notice of when the oil will get to us," said White.

White said the harbor will close when the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority orders the beaches closed.

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