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Local students join effort to help disaster victims

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MADISON, MS (WLBT) - Local elementary students are joining the effort to help disaster victims.

The second grade Pathways class for gifted students at Madison Station Elementary hopes to donate nearly $2,000 to the Red Cross relief fund for victims of the earthquake in Haiti and the tornados in Mississippi.

Students raised the money by running their own business for the day.  They sold original products made out of recycled materials to students in other classes.

Participants learned to research which products their prospective customers would most likely buy and learned to market and appropriately price their wares.

"It's amazing what second graders can understand," said teacher Ann Campbell.

One second grader said the project inspired her to be a business woman when she grows up.

"It feels really exciting and it feels really good," said McKay Dockery, a second grade saleswoman in the Pathways program at Madison Station Elementary.

Campbell said the project stemmed from the students' desires to help earthquake victims and evolved when tornados hit the Magnolia State.

"After the Haiti earthquake, the students said they wanted to do something to help.  And so they wanted to give money, but they didn't have a way.  And I said, 'If you start a business, you can make money'," explained Campbell.

Students created over 450 items to sell.  Shopper Jordan Williams said she was pleased to buy products to help disaster victims.

"It's good because some of us don't have money because of the tornado," said Williams.

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