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Mississippians unite for day of prayer

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By Ashley Conroy - email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Residents from all over Mississippi gathered at the capitol Thursday for the National Day of Prayer.

This year's theme was "For Such a Time as This."  Fitting for prayer-goer Ronald Nederhoed who thinks the nation has been steered in the wrong direction.

"Our nation has fallen by the wayside as a society.  There's so much sin and corruption going on that I'm afraid that God may turn his back on us," said Nederhoed.

Attendees prayed for Mississippians to band together after the rash of disaster that has struck the state.

"Our state is going through a lot right now and has gone through a lot.  And it's because of God that we're still moving.  We're moving forward, and so we have positive things on the horizon," said speaker David Gatlin.

National Prayer Day has met controversy from groups like the Freedom from Religion Foundation. 

They've said that keeping "God and Government" mixed is "unconstitutional."

Participant Ernestine Dunbar said groups like this are simply using a ploy to steer people away from God.

"If you truly look at that it's just another trick of the enemy that's trying to derail what God has in store."

Wednesday marked the 59th annual National Day of Prayer in Mississippi.  For many who attended today, they hope their prayers will be answered.

"I was actually praying for unity. I  believe our nation is more divided than ever before," said speaker Thomas Jenkins. 

"And so I came today, wanting to prayer for the family, wanting to pray for the churches, pray for this land, pray for Jackson, pray for Mississippi," Dunbar said.

Jenkins also said, "So we need to come together and pray for all those things.  I believe that history tells us that it is prayer that moves the hand of God."

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