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Abandoned house a danger to the neighborhood

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The house at 218 Shadow Lawn Drive in south Jackson has been abandoned, according to neighbors, eight to 10 years. The yard is so thick from undergrowth it is hard to make your way through it.

Tamika Landfair called us saying she had spoken with the city about the property for the past three years and gotten nowhere. She said it has become a haven for snakes. Her husband, Marcus Landfair goes over and trys to cut the vegetation back, but does little good. 

'We called and they said it's gonna be $90.00 an hour for me to get it hauled off and I can't afford that and my wife can't afford that. It's ridiculous, and if we can get any kind of help, any kind of assistance, well I don't even know how to go about doing it any more," Marus Landfair said.

We went to the Community Improvement Division of the City of Jackson and the man in charge of cleaning up situations like this one, Claude Smith, says quick action will be taken here to clean this property up.

 "In the next 15 to 20 days we are going to have a contractor go out and clean it up. Completely? Completely. You think it needs to be cleaned up instead of torn down. As we look at the pictures, we have a project that could probably take place with that. But ah we are gonna clean it up right now," said Smith.

The people who own this property are a group known as tax lien 2000, based in Vienna, Virginia. Taxes have not been paid on the property for the past two years.

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