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BP officials attempt to get a smaller containment dome over oil spill

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VENICE, LA -  Teams are apparently moving a giant containment box further away from the leak. The plan is to keep the 4-story structure on the gulf floor, but about 1600 feet from the well, while engineers try to figure out if they can make it work.

"We're doing things that have never been done before, and it's so difficult to know whether they'll actually work. Obviously, we don't try them if we don't think they will work, but if we think they can, and there's a possibility of them working, we'll try it," said Chief Operating Officer, Doug Suttles.

The next option BP is apparently considering is a smaller containment dome, they call a "top hat", which could be ready as early as Tuesday. Putting out booms teams delivered more booms Sunday adding to the 190 miles of protective barriers already floating in the Gulf.

National Guard troops rushed to get another line of defense in place while volunteers gathered some of the tar-like, oil that has already washed-up on the beach of Dauphin Island in Alabama.

"They were just all over the beach like globs of shiny black tar, and there's quite a bit of it," said beach goer, Charles Dawson.

Officials again expanded the "no fish" zone in these waters and there is growing concern the oil could begin creeping into the fragile wetlands.

"We can not allow it to get into the interior marsh. Failure is not an option on that. If it does, it's over," said Billy Nuggesser, Plaquemines Parish president. 

From the marshlands to the white sands thousands along the Gulf Coast are worried about how and where the oil may wash up next. The wind will have a lot to do with that and forecasters say it could get a lot stronger by the middle of the week.

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