Red Cross volunteers work through Mother's Day to aid tornado vi - - Jackson, MS

Red Cross volunteers work through Mother's Day to aid tornado victims

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Sunday was Mother's Day, but there was no slowing down at the Red Cross Disaster Operations Headquarters in Jackson.  Feeding Manager Pamela Sojourner from Brandon is in the midst of the rush coordinating meals for tornado victims.

"We try to do two to three hot meals a day, real meals like chicken and dumplings or beef stew," said Sojourner.  She has worked the last 11 days straight, all unpaid volunteer labor in devastating storm ravaged areas.

"It will pull at your heart more than you can imagine.  You just want to jump in and help as much as you can," said Sojourner.

She is a mother of two and this holiday the children are celebrating without her.  "I have a 6 year-old and a 14-year-old.  I asked them if they would be upset if I came up here and volunteered.  My 14-year-old said he would be upset if I didn't come up here and volunteer," smiled Sojourner.

She is not the only volunteer missing important events while giving of their time.  Operation Manager Chuck Sneider traveled from Kansas to Jackson two weeks ago and missed a precious delivery.

"He was born on the 6th, which was a couple, three days ago.  It is my first great grandchild and I am anxiously looking forward to seeing him," said Sneider.

Each volunteer has unique story of life carrying on at home while they are here on the front lines battling a natural disaster.  When asked why they do it the answers are the same.

"I want to help them because I would hope that someone would help me because it could happen to me," said Sojourner.

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