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Icy Slush Foils Containment Box Plans in Oil Leak

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GULF OF MEXICO (WLBT) - Icy slush has foiled plans to use a giant box to contain the uncontrolled oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

The failed plan now leaves BP officials to ponder an alternate solution at sea.

Meantime on land, helicopters are expected to drop sandbags in Louisiana to guard against thick blobs of crude that has now begun washing up on beaches.

About 3.5 million gallons have spilled since last month's oil rig explosion.

BP is now considering options, including using a tube to shoot mud and concrete into the well.

The company is also thinking about putting a smaller containment dome over the massive leak.

Workers originally lowered a 100 ton containment box to try to contain the leak.

But ice crystals clogged the device, preventing it from working properly.

BP is also recruiting local fisherman and their vessels to help with the cleanup.

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