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3OYS: Jackson family claims police do little to solve crime

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Fed up with crime and vandalism, a south Jackson family called Three On Your Side. Last week someone smashed in the back door of a home on Lotus Avenue and they believe they know who pulled off the house burglary, and are frustrated with the police.

Johnnie Peoples lead us to the back yard and explained what happened, "That's the door that was kicked in. It's been replaced with a wooden door."

Another crime story came out of a south Jackson in a neighborhood this family thought was quiet and safe. Last Wednesday changed all of that.

The house on Lotus Avenue was ransacked while no one was home.

"There was several TV flat screens that they bought when their income tax came in. There was two or three Playstation 3's that were taken. There was a laptop computer, all electronic things and there's an alarm on this house,"said Peoples.

A neighborhood witness claims he knows who was involved and that information was passed on to Jackson police.

"Because there was no, quote, adult at the house, they said they didn't have the right to go in and search for the contents," said Peoples. "I can understand that. When an adult showed up, the police didn't show up."

A police spokesman said even if the stolen goods were stashed around the corner, police do not have the legal authority to walk into a home without permission or a search warrant. The burglary is under investigation, but the family is left feeling like the law is not working in their favor.

They remain hopeful police will solve this crime and hundreds of dollars worth of electronic equipment will be recovered. The family says they were not going to let the crime down without calling Three On Your Side and shining a light on crime in their neighborhood.

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