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Karen Irby sentenced to 18 years

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By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) 18 years in prison. That was the sentence handed down to Karen Irby in a Hinds County court Tuesday.

Irby had pled guilty to two counts of culpable negligence manslaughter for the wreck that killed Doctors Mark Pogue and Lisa Dedousis back in February of 2009.

As she went before the Judge, Irby begged for forgiveness, asking for a reduced sentence because she was remorseful and admitted she was wrong for drinking and driving that night.

We also learned that Irby places most of the blame for that accident, on her husband Stuart Irby, who was not present.

"I'm sorry for the pain, suffering I've caused you, the grief has been indescribable" Irby said through her tears.

Surprisingly a member from each of the victims families spoke before the court, in support of Karen Irby.  Dr. John Dedousis, the brother of Lisa spoke, asking county prosecutors to pursue a case against Stuart Irby.

Ultimately it was up to Judge Green who implied, Stuart Irby could face charges later, saying, "I'm not sentencing you today for Mr. Irby, his day is coming, I don't know what happened in the car but I heard the allegations."

Hinds county district attorney's say they have no plans to pursue charges against Irby.  On his way out of the courtroom, Assistant District Attorney, Patrick Beasley said, "We felt that the accident was caused not because of violence, the accident was caused because of speed excessive speed."

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