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The Irby's troubled marital life

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

WLBT News has obtained police and court documents that detail a volatile and violent domestic relationship between Karen and Stuart Irby days and months before the deadly wreck. And in the very latest developments, this morning, Karen Irby filed a cross claim against her husband.

The cross claim states Stuart Irby assaulted Karen Irby minutes prior to the February 11, 2009 fiery wreck that claimed the lives of Dr. Mark Pogue and his fiancee Lisa Dedousis. Stuart Irby was a passenger. His wife claims immediately prior to the collision, Stuart screamed, threatened, hit her multiple times causing and contributing to the collision. Irby is now going after her husband. Suing him for injuries, damages and emotional distress.

The brother of Dr. Lisa Dedousis outlined the same story at Karen Irby's sentencing. Our investigation turns up police reports documenting a history of marital trouble. Just two days prior to the deadly wreck, February 9, Karen called police to their home on Stuart place. Her husband was charged with child abuse.. For a spanking that caused bruising on both sides of the child's buttocks. The case was sent to DHS for investigation.

We have learned it was not the first call to 911. We obtained this April 2008 domestic/ simple assault report. A fight broke out, Karen was hit knocked into the pool after Stuart grabbed their child. The report says Stuart Irby had bloodshot eyes and could barely stand when they arrived.

January 2007, another domestic violence call. The police report states, Stuart Irby arrived home late with the baby. Intoxicated, the couple got into a fight, Irby slapped her across the floor and began striking her with a closed fist. He was arrested and jailed.

In a deposition Karen Irby reported multiple other instances of abuse and threats that were never reported. Despite a history of violent confrontations the couple remained together, right through the night when their turbulent relationship resulted in a fiery collision claiming the lives of a young couple, just engaged, and looking forward to a lifetime together. 

Court documents that we obtained also reveal September 2008, Stuart Irby field for divorce. The grounds; habitual cruel and inhuman treatment and irreconcilable differences. The couple had a pre- nuptial agreement according to court documents. In the end the couple stayed together.

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