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Karen Irby blames Stuart for the accident in deposition

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - WLBT has uncovered never-before-revealed information about a fiery crash that killed two young doctors last winter in Jackson.  Four days before Karen Irby is sentenced to 18 years in prison, she breaks her silence about what happened moments before she crossed the line.

We have the Jackson socialite's testimony taken during a deposition May 7th.

This information has never been revealed until now.  Why?  Possibly because Karen Irby claims her husband made statements that she would have to go to jail for him and threatened her, saying she needed to take the spousal privilege and not say anything.

In the deposition Karen claimed there was a pattern of domestic violence and verbal abuse. She described her husband an alcoholic, suffering from bi-polar disorder and sex addiction.  One instance of violence was on Stuart's birthday, April 2008.  The couple argued.  The police report says Karen was assaulted.  Irby's eyes were bloodshot, and he could barely stand.

Karen also claimed Irby's discipline of her 7-year-old daughter was sometimes severe.  On February 9, 2009, just two days before the fatal collisions, Stuart allegedly spanked the child at intervals, a total of 20 times.  The injured child was taken to UMC where doctors reported it to the Department of Human Services.

On the day of the crash, the couple met with a DHS social worker.  Irby reportedly expressed little remorse.  Karen stated that around 5:30 p.m., Stuart reportedly began drinking Jack Daniels whiskey.  Later that evening, at the country club, they dined out and drank.  Karen later got behind the wheel of Irby's Mercedes-Benz.

Just two miles from home, the couple had another argument.  Karen said she wanted out of the marriage. 

"He was pulling my head back and forth, screaming at me don't "f" with me over and over," said Karen.  She said he then hit her several times.  

Karen also claimed she doesn't remember the oncoming vehicle, applying the brakes, crossing the line.

When asked if she accepted responsibility she said "yes."  When asked if it was her belief that Stuart Irby caused the accident that night when he attacked her she also replied "yes."

Because of that allegation against her husband, Stuart Irby's attorneys filed a motion on     May 10 to waive medical privilege so that he can have access to Karen Irby's medical records including but not limited to any therapist, psychologist, or psychotherapist, who may have treated her. 

The motion required each of the individuals involved in her treatment or any medical facility participating in her medical treatment to disclose fully to Irby and his counsel any findings and copies of records.

Irby's counsel says the history given to those healthcare providers is important to her husband's defense against a new contention by Karen that his actions caused the accident.  Karen Irby refused to consent to the motion.

Stuart's attorneys maintain there is no evidence to indicate he was responsible for the accident.

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