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Tornado victim recovers

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By David Kenney - bio | email

Dozens continue to recover from injuries Wednesday after a the tornado tore a path across the state over two weeks ago.  For one Yazoo City man, the American Red Cross has followed him along the way, helping him recover.

Robert Woods came face to face with the tornado.  He was running to help warn neighbors of the impending danger when the twister picked him off the ground and threw him into a trailer.

"Only thing I saw was nothing but a haze spinning.  Next thing I know the trailer was just flipping around in the air," said Woods.

Seconds before the twister hit, Woods had warned his neighbors who were unaware the storm was approaching, saving their lives with seconds to spare.

Woods said, "I was able to turn my back around, and I saw the tornado slam into us.  The trailer just started flipping in the air.  From what I was told it flipped a good 30 feet from the original position it was." 

Robert Woods is now at the University Medical Center rehab facility.  He's partially paralyzed with a fractured spine, broken ribs and shoulder.  He's made some progress, getting some feeling back in his legs.  

After a tragic event, a helping hand can make a difference, which is where the Red Cross came in.

"The Red Cross did a good job.  They gave me a card and helped me get new clothes, my essential needs.  They helped me pretty good.  Came and checked up on me," said Woods, who lost everything in the storm.

Now, he's focused on getting back full use of all his limbs.  He's headed home to ground zero of the tornado's path as soon as possible, refusing to let his injuries stand in the way of rebuilding.

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