Shot from carjacking kills woman as she's watching TV in her home - - Jackson, MS

Shot from carjacking kills woman as she's watching TV in her home

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DETROIT, MI (NBC) - A 69-year-old woman was killed by a stray bullet while sitting inside her northwest Detroit, Michigan home Wednesday afternoon. Police said the victim, Geraldine Jackson, was hit by a stray bullet after two men began shooting at each other outside her home.

"She was a great loving person. She loved all her kids. It's a terrible shame this happened to the older lady," said the victim's friend, Shaylyn Jackson.

Police said the shooting stemmed from an armed robbery that occurred moments before at an abandoned home down the street.

Detroit Police said an armed man robbed another man who was doing work on a vacant home and then stole the worker's SUV.

The worker began chasing the thief down the street, and that's when he opened fire. The thief crashed the stolen vehicle and fled.

One of the bullets from the robbery victim's gun pierced through the walls of a nearby home and killed Geraldine Jackson, who was watching television.

"She said, 'I'm okay, I'm just hurt, I'm just feeling pain'," said Linda Haggen, who tried to help. "Just calm down and get the police here."

Detroit police said the robbery victim had a concealed weapons permit and is cooperating with their investigation.

"Unfortunately in defense of himself, an innocent bystander has lost their life," said Assistant Detroit police Chief Ralph Godbee.

The robber fled the scene after the crash. Police arrested the suspectED robber, a 19 year-old, late Wednesday night.

It wasn't immediately known whether the robbery victim who fired the shot that killed Geraldine Jackson would face any charges.

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