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Karen Irby files assault charges against her husband

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

It appears Jackson socialites, Karen and Stuart Irby are taking the gloves off in a behind the scenes legal battle. The latest documents in this high profile case reveal Karen just filed assault charges against her husband, and he attempted to keep her from giving a deposition.

Karen Irby is now serving 18 years on culpable manslaughter charges related to the car crash that killed Dr. Mark Pogue and his fiance Dr. Lisa Dedousis last February.

We first told you about Karen Irbys' deposition Wednesday night in which she essentially blamed her husband for the accident, alleging he became angry on the way home after a night of drinking and dining at the country club.

In that deposition, Karen claims her husband made statements that she would have to go to jail for him, and threatened her saying she needed to take the spousal privilege and not say anything.

The couple filed the latest actions the same day May 4th. The motion to quash by Stuart's attorneys was apparently ignored. Karen Irby broke her silence 3 days later May 7, telling all she knew about her turbulent relationship and moments leading up to the deadly crash.

Karen's simple assault charges against her husband for his alleged assault in the car that night was voided by Judge Jimmy Morton. On May 11th the Judge cited 3 reasons why he didn't sign the warrant. Among them her complaint was filed 1 year and 3 months after the incident occurred.

So her attempt to file charges against her husband for allegedly violently striking her with his fist numerous times as she attempted to drive home from the country club were thrown out.

Why she waited so long to tell all, days before she is sentenced for the crime is not clear. Why Stuart Irby wanted to keep her from talking is outlined in his motion to quash also unclear.

His motion stated it is an undisputed fact that defendant Karen Irby was the driver of the defendants vehicle and liability has been admitted and is not in dispute. It also states, any information from Karen should be protected from discovery by spousal privilege.

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