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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Belhaven residents complain about stray cats

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By Bert Case - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - 3 on Your Side is receiving complaints Wednesday about the number of stray cats in the Belhaven and northeast areas of Jackson.  Some residents are concerned about how fast they are reproducing.

WLBT hadn't looked 10 minutes, and we found a cat on Carlisle Street in Belhaven.  It was not hard to find another in a matter of minutes. 

We spotted the second feline just north of Fortification Street in Belhaven, and it was very friendly.  It was not hard to find a Belhaven resident, Laura Laughlin of 949 Carlisle Street, who was willing to say there are a lot of cats in the area.

"We do have a lot of cats.  A number of them have collars.  A number of them don't.  I'm sure it's a mix of people who own cats, and people who have given them up," said Laughlin. 

We went to Northeast Jackson and immediately found a cat just south of County Line Road.  One person, who would not go on camera, told us there is a cat problem in Northeast Jackson.

Belhaven resident Audrey Powell said she and her roommate spent $200 on insecticides to kill fleas, and they don't even own a cat.  She said she called the city about the problem but got no response.

"And they tear up my trash.  They get in our cars.  It's just a nuisance," said Powell.

The Animal Rescue League said cats are a big problem in the Capital City.  Executive Director Debra Boswell told us, in these words, " Jackson has a large stray cat problem."  She said people feed the strays, and they reproduce at an alarming rate.

Boswell recommended calling animal control if you find stray animals. 

Jackson police said they've had no complaints about cats in Belhaven.

Some people just love cats, but others in Belhaven and Northeast Jackson said there are just too many cats.

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