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NBC announces its fall lineup

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NEW YORK, NY (NBC) - Lots of new faces in NBC's prime time this fall. 7 new series on tap including the new Thursday comedy "Outsourced". It's about an American managing a call center in India.

"A lot of people think it's making fun of Indian culture, but it's Making fun of our culture through the prism of India," said NBC Entertainment Chairman Marc Graboff.

Also new to Thursday nights will be the hour long romantic comedy, "Love Bites". It's an anthology series, spinning stories from the lives of two romantically challenged women.

Romance mixes with action in the "Undercovers". "Lost" co-creator JJ Abrams directed this adventure about married former spies lured out of retirement.

"It's great people in great settings and JJ really delivered in a way only he can," Graboff said.

U.S. Marshals in Texas are the focus of "Chase", a new Monday drama from "CSI" Producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Also new to Mondays is "The Event." Jason Ritter stars in this "24" sequel thriller about an average guy trying to expose a massive government cover-up.

Jimmy Smits returns to NBC in the Friday drama "Outlaw". He plays a colorful Supreme Court justice who retires to return to private practice.

The "Law and Order" franchise grows with the addition of a series based in Los Angeles. That's even though NBC canceled producer Dick Wolf's "Law and Order" Friday after 20 seasons.

"We're still in discussions with Dick about ways to give 'Law and Order' a proper sendoff," said Graboff.

The same goes for "Heroes" which has also been canceled, but could see a two or four hour finale sometime next season.

Fans of NBC's "Chuck" were worried their show might also be on the cancellation block but, the show's been picked up for a fourth season and will return in its 8pm time slot in the fall.

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