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Yazoo County family rides out tornado in school bus

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By David Kenney - bio | email

YAZOO COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - When the tornado hit Yazoo County April 24, many people safely rode out the storm in tornado shelters. For one group of neighbors, when the weather gets bad, they all meet in the same place to remain safe.

The Ingram family had the foresight to create their own tornado shelter years ago. It was formerly used to transport kids safely. Three weeks back, it proved to be a lifesaver.

The old school bus buried into the side of a hill on Ingram Road was home to 12 people when the tornado approached.

"It's just a small bus that all the seats were taken out of we had chairs in there," said Pam May.

The seating inside is limited and a little dusty, but in this latest tornado, the school bus shelter served it's purpose, saving all 12 people who took shelter there. 

"It was really just surreal, I felt like we were watching a movie, trees just started flying across here," said Pam May. 

"It was pretty wild, we couldn't see across the garden 50 yards when it lifted we said the woods were gone," says her brother Jeffery.

Pam Ingram's home was completely destroyed. She was insured, but it's not enough to build back her home the way it was. Nevertheless, she's glad to have her health, thanks to the bus shelter.

"It is a lifesaver, it saved 12 lives that day, three for sure would have been gone, we'd been at home and not come up here," said Pam Ingram.

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