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Victim warns of fake laptop sales scam

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Another person looking for an electronics deal has fallen prey to a scam.

One Jackson man was taken for hundreds of dollars thinking he was saving big bucks.

Andre Chaney spent $200 Sunday for what he thought was the deal of a lifetime.

The 37 year old said he was approached by two men in the Ridgeland Walmart parking lot offering to sell a brand new laptop.

"The guy was like 'I work at Best Buy, and I took them off the truck'. He was like 'We're just trying to get rid of them' and my son has really wanted a laptop for school work and things like that. So I decided to get one," said Chaney.

He said two black men in a gray Chevrolet HHR followed him back to the Extended StayAmerica Hotel on I-55 where he got money from relatives to pay them.

Once home the Jackson man took off the bubble wrap to find he had been duped.

Inside were two extension cords and the block of wood wrapped in duct tape with a $799 Best Buy sticker and a Toshiba label.

When asked if he was concerned about buying stolen merchandise Chaney said, "At the time it was like you're thinking you're getting a good deal or something. You're not thinking about anything else."

"You take a risk when you purchase equipment from the trunk of someone's vehicle or from the back of a pickup truck," said JPD Officer Joseph Daughtry.

Jackson police said Chaney is lucky to have only lost his money.

"If you purchase that kind of equipment trying to get that good deal and that equipment comes up stolen, you're going to jail for receiving stolen goods. You might have someone who once you take your money out they might want to rob you. You open yourself up for all those type of things," added Daughtry.

In March a Wesson woman was also taken in a very similar ruse by two men making the same offer of brand new laptop computers for $200.

She was approached in a Hazlehurst shopping center parking lot and got stuck a notebook binder, not a computer.

Chaney has a warning for others looking for a deal.

"This is a scam going on and be aware of these guys," said the scam victim.

Chaney hopes that hotel cameras captured video of the men he said were a gray Chevrolet HHR with a Texas decal in the front window.

Contact law enforcement if you are approached by anyone offering to sell deeply discounted electronics.

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