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3OYS: Another neighborhood blight

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A north Jackson woman is on a mission to clean up her neighborhood.

One particular concern is an abandoned, foreclosed home that she labels an unsafe eyesore. Calls for help have gone unheard so, the homeowner turned to Three On Your Side.

In the middle of a quiet neighborhood off Manhattan Road, the house stands out, unattended with knee deep weeds, rotting wood, trash, and a huge fallen tree. It is an eyesore. This foreclosed vacant property is among thousands that dot the city of Jackson. It's another sign of hard times and blight.

Alicia Hill lives two doors down. She's fearful this situation is unsafe and wants to safeguard her property value.

"My neighbor lives next door and she is disabled. She is in a wheelchair. So if this house catches on fire because people sleep in it who do drugs, she won't be able to get out," said Hill.

It's located at 788 Launcelot Road. No one has lived here for well over a year.

Saturday a massive tree limb came down in a storm, knocking out the next door neighbor's window.

"There's snakes. There's rats, fleas, ticks coming from here. So we need to do something about it," said Hill.

Entergy came out and took down loose electrical wires. Hill said she frustrated after trying in vain to find out who owns the foreclosed property. Now Hill is hoping the city will step in and hold someone responsible.

"So we need some help... how to find out who owns it and what to do with it," said Hill.

We found signs dating back to December 2009 posted on the door indicating the property has been secured and no trespassing is allowed. Hill said that hasn't kept vagrants out. Hill wants the city to go after the owners of this blighted property using ordinances and any available sanctions at their disposal.

WLBT called the mortgage contracting service and there was no answer. WLBT called the City of Jackson and got an answer but no one called back with a response to our questions. So we will keep trying to determine just who is responsible for the cleanup.

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