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14-year-old shot and killed

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Tragedy struck in the Presidential Hills subdivision Wednesday when gunfire erupted inside a home in the 6400-block of Abraham Lincoln Drive.

A teenager was shot, struck in the back by a 15-year-old.

Neighbors said the two were close friends.

"They were smiling because Michael first came over here.  He went to his house first, and then he came here.  Then they went back, and that's when it happened," said Krishauna Lee, a friend of the shooting victim.

Lee said she had just seen the victim, Michael Williams, and the other teenager minutes before the shooting.

"I went to the back yard, and I heard a shot, and I didn't know what it was, and I came to the front, and police came, and they were all 'It's Michael, it's Michael' and I just started crying," said Lee.

Jackson police said the victim was shot in the front room of the home.

The Morrison Middle School student was transported to U.M.C. where he died just before 5 p.m.

Jackson police were called to the scene by A.M.R.

Investigators are trying to piece together what transpired in the few minutes he and his friend were together before the shooting.

"When A.M.R. arrived on scene they realized they had a gunshot wound victim.  They called for police assistance.  At this time it's kind of early to tell if they were playing with the gun, if they were examining the gun, if they were just curious.  We don't know, but what this shows you is that weapons and juveniles just don't mix," said J.P.D. Officer Joseph Daughtry.

The unidentified teen shooter was taken to police headquarters for questioning.

Officers described the shooting as a death-pending investigation.

"People have to watch their kids more or something.  Don't have weapons in the house.  I know it's hard to keep in touch with your children when you're working, but it's just hard.  We need a strong neighborhood watch out here," said Lee's mother Kristie Davis.

The 15-year-old shooter has not been charged at this time.

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