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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Neighbors fear criminal activity in abandoned home

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A burned-out house in Jackson's inner city has become an eyesore after just sitting there for more than six months.  Neighbors complained to 3 on Your Side the house is being used for criminal activity.

The home is located at the corner of Marine Street and Morton Avenue and is an obvious      eye sore when first pulling into the neighborhood just north of Woodrow Wilson.

Neighborhood resident Kevin Green said the house is being used by young men who are breaking the law.  He said his house had been broken into twice recently.

Other residents will express their disgust at the situation, as long as WLBT didn't put them on camera.

After working the story most of the day, we finally got Claude Smith, the Director of Community Improvement for the City of Jackson to meet us at the house to talk about what can be done.

"We (City of Jackson) will get it torn down.  In the process, the initial letter came back undeliverable, to the owner, so we will got to council June 1st, and they will give their approval, and from that point we will proceed with the demolition process," said Smith.  "I would say give us about two months, and it will be down."

WLBT went to all the residences around the home at Marine and Morton, knocking on doors and trying to get people to talk.  They will do it, so long as it's not on camera. 

We even found a man who said he is trying to buy the house just so he can tear it down, but he wouldn't go on camera.

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