Still time to buy green in Energy Appliance Rebate Program - - Jackson, MS

Still time to buy green in Energy Appliance Rebate Program

By Ashley Conroy - email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mississippi's Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program holds steady after nearly a month of boosting appliance-retailers' businesses.

Tiffany Chambers and her husband walked into Cowboy Maloney's off I-55 in Jackson to buy a new refrigerator.

"Our freezer went out, and so we haven't been able to store frozen goods," said Tiffany.  

The Chambers said this purchase was more than worthwhile because they were buying a new Energy Star appliance.  They felt good about their purchase because they will not only save on their energy bills, but they will also get the rebate.

"We're going to save $75, so that's still is really good," Tiffany said.

As of Wednesday, consumers around the state had purchased approximately 14,000       energy-efficient machines since the program began on April 22nd.

Cowboy Maloney's Store Manager Todd Therrell said the store's business exploded the first few days of the program but has held steady with customers looking for a bargain.

"Your pocket book drives you.  Price is key.  Price is king," said Therrell.

To keep up with the increase in sales, gives a countdown of how much money is left to give back to the customer virtually by the minute.

Karen Bishop from the Mississippi Development Authority said other states structured the program with a "pre-purchasing" model where customers could issue a rebate before they actually purchased the appliance.

Bishop said Mississippi's results are more accurate because the state decided to only issue rebates after a sale was made.

"Because each one of our appliances, rebates that have actually been reserved, represent an appliance purchased," said Bishop.

Rebates are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis.   Bishop said the rates have dropped steadily about a percentage point each day after the first few days.

To qualify, Bishop said people have to be a resident of the state and purchase from a Mississippi retailer.

Customers have two weeks after their initial purchases to apply for the rebate.

You can still apply at the following website:

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