Two teens shot: Where are the parents? - - Jackson, MS

Two teens shot: Where are the parents?

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson Police talked to family members in the carport at the home of 14-year-old Michael Williams Thursday.  The home is on William McKinley Drive in Presidential Hills. T he family declined to talk to us about the shooting Wednesday afternoon that took the teen's life.

He was at his 15-year-old friend's house nearby.  Police said the friend somehow got his hands on a gun and accidentally shot Williams in the back.

No parents were present, and Jackson City Council President Frank Bluntson wanted to know why a gun was so easy to find.  "You wonder why adults don't put these guns up some place where young people can't get them.  It's not a thing, 'I thought it wasn't loaded'," Bluntson said.

Earlier Wednesday, 17-year-old Jeffrey Wilson took a bullet to the abdomen at a home on Valley Street.  Witnesses said about a dozen shots rang out in rapid succession.  Young children stood in doorways, their innocent eyes taking in the crime scene.

Although no suspects have been named, Bluntson said it reeks of a repeat-offender situation.

"Maybe judges should check more about who they're letting out, who's out on probation, home recognizance, because some of these same people get involved with the same thing over and over again," he said.

Council members believe community policing would help, where officers get to know the people on their beat, but throwing more money at social programs would be a waste of money.

"It's not the function of city government to keep kids entertained.  The parents need to do that.  More money for social programs isn't prudent.  I don't think it would work either," Ward One Councilman Jeff Weill said.

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