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3 On Your Side: Madison woman scammed on Internet

By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Christie Chisholm of Madison County has had a real eye-opener. "I believe I was scammed," she says.

A few weeks ago, she thought she had finally sold her old wedding ring set through Craigslist. A female doctor in the U.K. agreed to pay her $950 for the jewelry. The two conversed through text messaging before Chisholm accepted what she thought was a payment confirmation through PayPal, a middleman payment mechanism that promotes secure transactions.

When Chisholm received an email notice from PayPal that the money was in her account, she shipped the rings. But not to the U.K.  The buyer told her to ship to an address in Nigeria.

"I went the next day to go to withdraw the funds. They said they were unavailable. The lady had closed her account," Chisholm says.

Chisolm believes, and was even told by PayPal, that the confirmation email that appeared to come from PayPal was fraudulent. "They said due to the fact she closed her account, there was nothing they could do. That's when I contacted the postal service, filed a case with them," she says.

Chisholm stopped shipment on the rings, then got a call from the postal service on Friday telling her the package had arrived back in Jackson on Monday. 

She says the package sat at the post office for three days before getting shipped back to Nigeria.

"The guy told me he didn't know why they shipped it back out," Chisholm says.

On Friday, Chisholm went back to the post office, and got some hope. "They said it hadn't been delivered, so I'm hoping they can do as they did the first time and send it back, and I'll be able to get what is mine," she says.

As someone who's conducted online transactions in the past with no problems, Chisholm can't believe she fell for a Nigerian scam.

"For it to be an email from PayPal, I thought it was. People just need to be careful, especially when you're dealing with international trades anyways," she says. "I've closed my PayPal account. I won't ever do it again."

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