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Burglars hit MHP headquarters

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By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Burglars were busy overnight in the capital city. These very bold criminals used the cover of darkness to execute their crime, and appear to have been only after cash.

The thieves broke into the drivers services building at the Mississippi Highway Patrol headquarters. They gained access by throwing a heavy object through a window.

Once inside, they grabbed an ATM that was in the lobby, and dragged it around the side of the building. Investigators believe the burglars broke into a maintenance shop to get tools to dismantle the ATM, to get the money inside.

"Definitely didn't expect to wake up to this this morning, but we had our employees from this drivers services building come in and immediately find the broken window. Immediately called our investigators to get on scene so we think we have a good start" said MHP spokesman Jon Kalahar.

Crime scene investigators were able to get some fingerprints from broken glass, and footprints from inside the building. They closed the drivers license testing offices for most of the day.

The highway patrol believes there were probably two people working together in the crime.

The criminals caused more damage than they got away with. There was just 380 dollars inside the ATM.

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