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3 On Your Side: Burst water pipes

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Lori Keck of Rosemary Avenue in South Jackson has had to turn the water off to her home.  The water gauge is spinning.

"It's spinning uncontrollably out there. I've been sitting here for two days now with no water," she says.

When the water is on, it floods the crawlspace underneath her house. "All day yesterday it was just pouring out. It filled up her yard next door," Keck tells us.

Keck says it started Wednesday night when fire broke out at a vacant home down the street. Firefighters responded and used fire hydrants at both ends of the street, and residential water was turned off at the time.

At some point that night the water was turned back on, and Keck says the pressure caused some of the residential water pipes to burst. At least three homes on the street are affected, including the home of a woman who asked not to be identified.

"We actually went and got ours fixed because I have a ten month old baby, so I have to have water. It costs, it ain't cheap," says the woman, who paid a plumber about $200 to fix the problem.

"I called the water company and they said I was responsible for the bill," Keck says. "I told them that the meter was spinning and I can't afford that bill. We all live on fixed income out here."

3 On Your Side reached the City of Jackson through email Saturday. Spokesman Chris Mims said he would contact the water department about the issue, and suggested the affected residents call the city's Risk Management division to file a claim.

"I would like to see them come out here and help everything they messed up," Keck says.

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