Carjacking suspect out of jail after bond reduction - - Jackson, MS

Carjacking suspect out of jail after bond reduction

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JACKSON, MS (WBLT) - The Jackson man who said he was wrongfully arrested for carjacking and kidnapping in Madison is out of jail Wednesday.  He may be free, but investigators say his case isn't going away.

Marcus George said he was with friends in Canton when the crime occurred.

George walked out of the Madison County Jail Wednesday, after posting a 50-thousand-dollar bond.  When he was arrested, his bond was set at 1.5 million dollars.

That amount was reduced Tuesday during a bond hearing before Judge William Chapman.

The case is now in the hands of Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest.

The details of the investigation haven't been released at this time, but the Madison Police Department said they will go forward with the case.

"The fact there was a bond reduction that was granted in this case does not go as to the defendants guilt or innocence," said Guest.  "It goes to the judge being assured that a lower bond would assure his appearance in court."

Marcus George has been in the Madison County court system before.

In 1993, he was arrested for sale of a controlled substance and attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.  Those charges were dismissed.

In 1999, he was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer but was allowed to plea to misdemeanor wreckless driving.

And in 2004, he was jailed for possession of a controlled substance, but those charges were dismissed.

George told WLBT he was also convicted on a federal drug possession charge in the early 1990's.

His most recent case will be presented to the Madison County Grand Jury in July.

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