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Bald eagle is nursed back to health

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By Bert Case - bio | email

WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - A bald eagle found near death at Tara Wildlife Reserve in Warren County last August has been nursed back to health. 

The young eagle does not yet have the traditional white head, because she is less than three years old.  The white head normally develops between three and five years of age. 

The eagle was rescued at Tara in 2009 by Gilbert Rose who is the Tara manager.  He caught her by leaving fish for her to eat.  She is now being kept by Becki Bolm of Mississippi Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation based in Warren County.

In addition to her wildlife duties Bolm is a tutor at Redwood Elementary School and a full-time pet-sitter.  She told WLBT about the young eagle.

"It was just starving.  It was very close to death.  Yes, it did not have a tail, and it was missing about 11 flight feathers, so it couldn't fly," said Bolm.  "It could fly about two feet off the ground."

Bolm, an 11-year veteran of her type of work, was confident the bird can now survive in the wild and had promised to call WLBT to let us photograph the eagle being released.

"We have built this wonderful new cage so we could see that it could get height, and he could fly across this span.  And, yes, I am very confident in releasing it in about a couple of weeks," said Bolm. 

"Is an eagle dangerous to handle?" WLBT asked.

"Ah certainly, ah yes because of the talons.  It's not the beak, it's the talons that will get you. Yes, it is a very dangerous bird," said Bolm.

The only way WLBT was allowed to do this story was to promise not to tell exactly where the eagle is now, other than in Warren County.

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