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3 on Your Side: More water pressure problems

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Eva Ellis of Sheffield Drive in Northeast Jackson didn't think too much of it when her sprinkler system went haywire about a month ago.  "I thought it was just a fluke," she said.

Ellis said Thursday she'd been calling for weeks to have the city come out and fix a leaky fire hydrant at the west end of Sheffield Drive.  Finally, at the end of April, city workers came out to make the repairs.

"When they did, they turned the water off at the end of Sheffield and Ridgewood, worked on it, supposedly fixed that, but when they turned the water back on, it had such force it was unbelievable," said Ellis. 

She's since had to get the valve and several sprinkler heads replaced, to the tune of about $800.

There's a reason she waited a month to call 3 on Your Side.

"When I saw last week someone else in town had the same problem with the water pressure being so strong, I thought maybe there's some coincidence here," she said.

Ellis was referring to our story last Saturday with Lori Keck of Rosemary Avenue in South Jackson. 

Keck said one day last week the water to her street was turned off temporarily as the fire department worked a house fire.  The next morning, her water meter was spinning, the crawlspace under her home flooded, and her pipes busted.

"If there was a loose pipe of any kind, and it was working fine before, it blew it out," Keck told WLBT.

Keck thought the fire department had used hydrants on Rosemary Avenue to extinguish the fire, but the City of Jackson said the hydrants were not used for that fire.  So it's unclear why the water to the street would have been turned off. 

Keck has since had to get her pipes replaced, but if her water bill spikes, she said the city is responsible.

Ellis is also expecting her water bill to spike.  "When that surge came through, it blew the valve out," said Ellis.

The City of Jackson said it is investigating both incidents.

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