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Fun and fitness collide at Kids Fitness Adventure

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MADISON, MS (WLBT) - It looks like a festival is set up in the fields of Liberty Park Saturday, but it's really a challenge.

Kids are climbing through an inflatable obstacle course, trying their hand at yoga, and more.

There are eight fitness stations altogether. "The bike rodeo, fitness drill which is kicking the ball, hula hooping, jump roping," says Lisa Valadie, Community Educator for the Madison Fire Department. "We've got the snack shack, we've got bicycle smoothies."

That's right! Smoothies made on a stationary bike.

"The pedals are going with the blender base part. The faster (the bikers) go, the faster this blends," says volunteer Nancy Armstrong. "We have strawberries, banana, a little honey, orange juice. Add water to it. They have fun, they get their exercise on the bike."

Eight year-old Ashlyn Chisholm now knows the meaning of the term "Will work for food."

"We put some stuff in a blender and pedaled on a bike, it blended it, we got to drink some," Chisholm says.

Children picked up bicycle helmets, frisbees, and a few other goodies to take home.

Each child carried a special passport for the event. "They get a stamp when they finish each station. They'll get a certificate and a ribbon at the end when they get through," says Kay Chance, who brought her two children to the event.

The City of Madison's Kids Fitness Adventure is free for everyone.

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